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Star Systems





Board Game

2 to 6


60-120 mins

Star Systems is going to be a complex game, with asymmetric victory conditions (that is, each civilised world will have a separate and different victory condition). There are 11 different worlds to choose from, in seven different systems.

The star systems have been designed as realistically as possible (with the help of rather a lot of maths and astrophysics websites, and also some great worldbuilding videos from Artifexian). They include a near-binary system, far-binary system, and a range of star sizes and luminosities. One system has an asteroid belt in the habitable zone, one has a gas giant with three habitable moons. One system even has two habitable planets orbiting the same large B-class, blue-white star.

Your world will show its progress on five tracks: economy, military, science, culture, and unrest. Each track has a document associated with it - trade agreement, declaration of war, research grant, peace treaty, declaration of independence - that requires certain conditions to be met before it can be signed between two or more worlds. Each track will have funding options and actions e.g. Military track can build new starships, and stage an attack. Worlds will win by signing a certain number of agreements or performing a certain number of actions in one or more tracks.


In progress:

Next steps:

All star systems designed, victory conditions laid out

Star systems refined and pictures being made. Initial rules and board set up being worked on.

Design mechanisms and components

Latest Update:


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