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Rockin' Robots





Card Game

2 to 6 (or 4?)


15-30 mins

Rockin' Robots is intended to be a fast-paced card game in which players build robots and then battle them.

Attack, Defense, Speed, and Maneuver are the four dials on the Robot CPU. Each component you add changes at least two of these, up or down. Propulsion units - maybe tracks, legs, wheels - greatly increase speed, but reduce defense as they incorporate some failure points that could be exploited by another robot. Are two heads better than one? How many attack arms can you attach? Can you find armour and some cool gadgets?

This is entirely in the ideas stage (with a brief spreadsheet done). The mechanism for turns and attacking hasn't been looked at yet.


In progress:

Next steps:

Spreadsheet begun for card ideas.

Working on spreadsheet

Design cards and CPUs

Latest Update:


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