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Pyramids (placeholder name)








20-60 mins

Pyramids (placeholder name) is designed as a game of piece laying and building, where 1-3 flat marbles will be chosen from tiles each round and placed on a pyramid. Each turn a random effect will happen to someone! Roll the dice to find out what and who. Maybe you will get to swap two of your stones, or an opponent has to pull out a stone and cause a cascade of dropping stones! Maybe everyone gets to store a stone!

Not sure yet if dice or spinners would be more appropriate. Dice would pack better. Spinners might be easier to customise. And TBH I've been thinking about using spinners in games a lot lately.

I'm imagining that stretch goals in Kickstarter would allow you to choose from more colour palettes. Initial offer will be Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Royal blue, Magenta). Other palettes I envisage will be Pastels (peach, lemon, mint etc), Darks (burgundy, navy, forest green etc), Earthtones (browns, greys, black and white) and then probably close-hue lots like Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellow/orange, Unicorn (purples/pinks), maybe Metallics.

I've done some work sourcing the flat marbles. They seem to be mostly available from the USA, There are quite a range. Another option would be "drops" which are more cylindrical, also these are more regular sizes. They come in a lot of colours and are generally used for making mosaics.


In progress:

Next steps:

Latest Update:


Rules made, goal cards made. Begun sourcing flat marbles "stones".

Designing tiles, playtesting, sourcing die for depression punching on boards

More playtesting, board design

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