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Mini-Wellycon was fun, but I didn't get nearly as much playtesting as I expected. This may have a lot to do with insufficient signage and being stuck in the back room (both entirely my fault). We were mostly in the back room cause kids.

I had a theme going "Feedback To Win" - play and fill in a feedback form to win a copy of the game free when it gets properly printed.

AsteroMiners was initial prototype printed at home the week before the con, and it got a good play on the Saturday. The players said they renjoyed the game and liked the theme. They poked a couple of holes in the rules (which is just what I need, so good) and even discovered an entirely new way to play - Hardcore Mode!

Dragons Wild was exhaustively test played by a group - going through several set types of different numbers of suits and initial start hands and a couple of new rules, to make the game more enjoyable (and so you couldn't have someone repeatedly win in one round!)

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