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Welcome to my new website!

Rhiannon here. I've just created this website as part of the process to bring my board games to a wider audience, to grow my presence here on the interwebs, and eventually to either contact game publishers, or Kickstarter my games.

The things I am working on at the moment are:

* game art

* game rules

* game boxes

* prototype printing

* pricing for print run sizes

I'd love to hear from you - please feel free to share feedback with me about any part of my games and website. If there's a spelling mistake, I want to know about it. If you think one of my rules is too strong or weak, let me know. Got an idea for a new card I need, please explain your idea. After all, we can't improve if we don't know there's a need to!

Art Deco image of outside die cut tokens (full bleed areas)
Art Deco -esque 'sculpture' made from "Castles of Mad King Ludwig" box popout remains, card backing, and coloured papers.

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