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Dragons Wild Kickstarter first note!

At the moment we are looking at beginning the Dragons Wild kickstarter on January 1, 2021. It might be possible to begin it earlier, maybe even as early as 1 December - just trying to find all those dratted ducks and drag them into place! I'm not even sure how many ducks I am supposed to find at the moment!

I'm doing a LOT of research - think I have shipping costs sorted out - waiting on final prototypes of the tuck box for the cards, and the A5 art prints I'm offering as an incentive. I'll get some samples of the postal bags I'm going to order and make one up!

Somehow I need to double down and figure out how to film a video showcasing my game. Any help would be appreciated (and also accredited on my website).

Also thinking of trying to hire a board gamer to help with marketing. What's a fair price per hour for online marketing?

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