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Master Baker





Card Game

2 to 6


60-90 mins


In progress:

Next steps:

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Master Baker is a card game using 5 decks of cards.

You are competing in a tough baking competition between rival cafes! Buy ingredients, bake recipes and sell the goods in your cafe. Baking popular flavours into your recipes will get you extra money at the end of the week as people flock to buy your goods! What will you choose to do each day? Who will be the first to complete 5 recipes and win the title of Master Baker?

I am considering introducing a sand timer for reducing the length of people's turns. This would make the game quicker.

We had more play testing at miniWellycon and at games night, using the new rules. Am also considering lowering the recipe completion to 4 recipes to reduce the time.

Discovered and bought a copy of "Raid the Pantry", a very similar themed game. The recipes in that seem to be in the majority savoury, the theme is 'food fight', the mechanic is more like Rummy, and the ingredients are both much fewer and harder to get. It is more interactive though. My game is unique in that it shows the actual baking recipes.

Have a printer lined up for the cards and tokens, though they can't cut the tokens. I'm trying to source a metal die maker, no luck so far.

Cards all designed and art completed. Rules are in Version 3. Box design version 1 and 2

Kickstarter printing options, Playtesting, Card 'standard' sizing, Postage options

Custom token die maker, Game pricing

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