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Dino Discovery








20-30 mins


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Next steps:

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Dino Discovery was designed as a 2-player game. This seems to be its downfall, at least as far as playtesting is concerned.

In this collecting and tile placement game, you and a rival explorer have discovered a hidden valley in the rainforest, where  dinosauria appear to have survived the K-T extinction. Who will be first to breed and collect enough modern dinos to take back to civilisation to prove your amazing paper is true?

I tried to make this into an app, learning LUA programming language. It started okay. I learned how to code some simple things. Then I hit a huge roadblock with my own game. I couldn't figure out how to code to 'touch' or 'click' an object and then be able to move it; there seemed to be a problem where I needed the name to move it, but couldn't find the name by clicking it. I asked for help multiple times but nobody found me a solution (a few people replied and denigrated my posts, or tried to give me solutions that didn't match the actual problem). I got discouraged and stopped.

I tried again to find tutorials to teach me how to move things. I couldn't find any tutorials that would actually run on the console. They would all stop working and fail. I tried and tried to fix them but it's like trying to fix a car wheel with band aids and a file.

Art completed, rules done, prototype printed, some playtesting done.


More playtesting. Lost the prototype?

Box design, printing and Kickstarter options, continue App programming?

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