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Desert Traders






2 to 6


​45-60 mins

In Desert Traders, you are the leader of a caravan. Load up wit goods, hire guards, and don't forget to take enough water! There are oases in the desert you can use, but the desert is also filled with raiders, scorpions, rock formations blocking the way and other hazards. Your people and animals all drink a certain amount each day.  You won't know what's behind the next dune until you get there! 

Bigger caravans are slower, but can carry more. Smaller caravans are faster, but more susceptible to hazards.  The first caravan to reach the other side of the desert can sell their goods at a premium on the other side! Later caravans sell at a lower price, but have the advantage of some terrain knowledge so won't lose as many goods or camels on the arduous trek through the desert.


In progress:

Next steps:

Rules and mechanics largely designed.


Playtesting on computer.


Design cards, tiles and board. Prototype prints. IRL testing.

Latest Update:


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