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45-60 mins


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AsteroMiners (originally AstroMiners, before I discovered a computer RPG game about to be sold on Steam with the same name) is a game involving moving your spaceship and collecting metals from asteroids, then selling them at a profit. Mine out the nearby asteroids before your opponents can! The space station over there will pay a premium for Gold - can you be the first to collect enough and move on over to sell it to them?

Ideally I'd like to have shaped spaceship figurines for the game (I designed a spaceship... yes, crew decks, thruster pods, cargo bays and all on three decks... be amazing to have it 3D printed!).

The board is set out by shuffling hex tiles and laying them out, and the players can then decide if they want to move their space station from its random placement. Their spaceships begin at their stations, and then the dice rolling begins! How's your luck today? Six is Wild so you can choose what you want to do - move or mine. (This, I hope, neatly gets around the tedium of being 'stuck' not being able to do the things you need to in order to keep your game going.)

Playtesting at miniWellycon and at Monday games at Moera Community Centre suggested a few rules tweaks around the goal cards, and a new "Hard mode" of play was developed - having the asteroid tokens face down so you don't know what you mine till you get there! This makes the collect and ship goals more difficult to complete. More playtesting has suggested a couple of elements to add to the Hardcore mode, and we'll be testing a couple of minor rules changes and perhaps a change to the dice for Hardcore.

Have a printer lined up for the cards and tokens, though they can't cut the tokens. I'm trying to source a metal die maker, no luck so far.


Version 2 of the box design done. Rules version 3 done including Hardcore rules and Portals.

Started researching shipping options.

The tokens, tiles, box, rules etc are all designed.

The game is up on Tabletopia available for playtesting!

Playtesting Hardcore rules, sourcing token cutout die, shipping options

3D design of spaceship pieces, Prototype printing options for kickstarter, what should be in the kickstarter

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